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Letter urges Israeli girls to avoid dating Arabs

December 30, 2010

This article has so many psycho-social and sexual overtones it’s difficult not to comment on.

For an Israeli girl, imagine the attraction to an Arab male.  He’s not daddy, he’s part of an oppressed minority, and because of this he will exhibit or have chance to exhibit more developed male behavioral attributes.  In relative terms, the Israeli, or Jewish, male, will be part of the favored majority.  He will most likely be afforded the opportunity of a cerebral career.  From his soft, uncalloused hands, to his resemblance to the father figure, to his privileged status, this unlucky gentleman will hold few charms for the adolescent female mind, and body.

On the other hand, the woefully oppressed Arab male, living a life of passionate subjugation, relegated to physical labor sweating shirtless in the Levant sun, if any labor at all, with a cause, and aggressively sexual, the attraction would be difficult to deny.

This is the same old saw played out in every society.  The ultra-conservative Rabbi-wives might as well have written a Harlequin Spice novel.  From the Spice Briefs page:

Authors should feel comfortable exploring any and all sexual scenarios, even ones considered “taboo,” and should avoid using euphemisms in favor of the frank, graphic language typical of the erotica genre.

If promises of curses, beatings, humiliations, and bondage are not the “frank, graphic language typical of the erotica genre”, then I don’t know what is.


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